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Munkh Tenger ger camp is located near Karakorum (modern name is Kharkhorin). Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia where today there is a small local township. In the history, the city of Karakorum was founded in 1220 in River Vally Orkhon, at a busy point on the route of the Silk Road which is in the first large break in the chain of mountains.

The ger camp is one of the several camps in this place. The ger camp is medium sized and its facilities, specially toilet and shower, work very properly. This camp is connected to a well. Like other normal camps, the Munkh Tenger has a big ger of restaurants and kitchen and separate concrete building of public toilet and shower rooms. Ger accommodation is typical Mongolian styled. Comfort is superb. Electricity is connected to central electricity system and 24 hours. The camp area receives mobile signals of all operators and it allows you using calling and internet connection through your mobile phone.



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