"I could never resist the call of the trail" - Buffalo Bill


In 1998 the Land Cruiser 80-series underwent a model change resulting in the release of a new series, the Land Cruiser 100. By this time the name Land Cruiser had earned a strong reputation worldwide for its high performance on bad roads, maneuverability, durability; and as one of the most reliable 4x4s available it had been selected by the United Nations procurement, as well as domestically and overseas for rescue operations, as a relay vehicle for satellite broadcasting, and as a prestige SUV.

The front suspension was a double wishbone type independent suspension, and with rack and pinion steering, the Land Cruiser 100 was designed to feel more like a passenger car than its heavy-duty predecessors. To further improve riding comfort and steering stability, hydraulic vehicle height adjustment (AHC) and Skyhook TEMS in the suspension were also made available as options, clearly aiming at improved performance on paved roads.

In Mongolia No.1 jeep considered to be a Toyota Land Cruiser. It has a good reputation especially on Mongolian off road. The interior was luxurious of course, with air-conditioning and an audio system befitting a luxury car. It is designed for 5 passengers including a driver.



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