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Meet the staff at MonTrails Tours

The biggest requirement that we have for all our employees and affiliates is to develop a genuine love and respect for the world and its preservation.  In all of our adventures, we strive to create an absolutely amazing experience, all the while preserving the pristine environment and the respect that it deserves. We love what we can accomplish together, and we want you to join us on this incredible journey.

Our trip leaders, guides and drivers are proud of their heritage and culture and are dedicated to providing the best experiences ever. They all speak a 2nd and 3rd languages and that includes: English, German, French, Russian and Chinese. Taking into account the nature of “adventure,” our trip leaders have the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that may arise spontaneously and are attuned to the interests and needs of individual travelers. Our inspired team of Travel specialists, along with their genuine passion for travel, extraordinary local knowledge and experience, and a dedicated approach to fine details, we can’t wait to be able to serve and share the many beauties of Mongolia to you.

At MonTrails Tours, we are dedicated to providing tailor made holidays that will definitely meet your expectations. Our exotic destinations extends from the Gobi desert to the Tsaatan people in Huvsgul. We will handpick quality accommodation and provide meals as per your request. Tailor made tours are also very family-friendly, we look forward to working with you to plan an unbelievable trip that will give you the best accommodations for your family and you. Last but not least, we take great pride in ensuring that every holiday you book with us is uniquely yours.

Come and join us at the MonTrails Tours for an amazing experience.  Mongolia Trails Tours!

DAMDINPUREV Palam / Co-Founder

Damdinpurev knew he was destined for a career in travel after having visited all provinces and soums of Mongolia and delivering innovative and truly unforgettable journeys for savvy travelers. Drawing on more than a decade's worth of experience in humanitarian organization, Damdinpurev also brings a deep knowledge of history and culture to the trips he designs. When he's not planning a journey or traveling in the country, Damdinpurev lives in Ulaanbaatar, where he enjoys spending time with his big family and his hobby is playing table tennis.

ERDENE Sedjav / Founder, Executive Director

Erdene is the Executive Director and founder of Mongolia Trails Tours, an expert in marketing initiatives, educational affinity group travel programs and customized tour programs. Erdene earned his bachelor’s degree in Moscow University, Russia and holds a Master Degree in linguistics in Mongolia. Erdene has also extensive experience working abroad in the States as well. He has traveled extensively throughout Mongolia since 1993, developing and managing custom trips for leading nonprofit and for-profit organizations and individual travelers. His passions include adventure travel, sustainable tourism, and a commitment to the environmental conservation and cultural preservation of Mongolia. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, swimming and playing gym sports such basketball and volleyball.

BAYARMAA Damdinpurev / Financial Officer

A native of Ulaanbaatar, Bayarmaa work as Financial officer at Mongolia Trails Tours company. She studied for and obtained her B.A. degree in Accountancy from Institute of Business and Converse in 2008 in Ulaanbaatar. Bayarmaa is CPA since 2011. In 2015 she graduated University in United States of America and has Master’s Degree in Accountancy.  She enjoys horseback riding, hiking, traveling and experiencing other diverse cultures.

ORGILTSETSEG Erdenebaatar / Office Manager / Tour Guide

Orgiltsetseg was born in Ulaanbaatar and graduated from Ikh Zasag University majoring in Tourism in 2012. As an Office Manager, Orgiltsetseg works with local vendors, responsible for everyday office routine, contact nomads and affiliated local organizations to help develop many adventure tour programs. She loves to spend time in remote regions of Mongolia with local nomads, learning about their cultures and customs.

LAGSHMI Batbayar / Head Tour Guide / Tour Leader

As MonTrails Tours Head Tour Guide/Tour Leader, Lagshmi organizes, trains, selects, and is responsible for all trip guides. Lagshmi was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar and lived in Moscow, Russia for many years. She was employed at a New Juulchin company 2010-2013 before joining Mongolia Trails Tour in 2014. Lagshmi is a Medical Doctor and graduated from the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences in Ulaanbaatar in 2014, fluent in Russian and English, also very good in French. Her skills and diligence have earned her many recognitions and accolades from our partner vendors and clients, who recognizes her as a resourceful and reliable tour leader.

ZOLBOO Mashbat / General Manager / Tour Guide

Zolboo was born and grew up in Nalaikh town. He lived in England for 5 years and graduated from the London School of Commerce with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Present time, he is studying at the “Otoch Manramb” Medical Institute in Ulaanbaatar for a BA degree in traditional Mongolian medicine. He speaks fluent English and is also very good in Tibetan. Zolboo organizes our reservations and bookings, coordinates trips with local vendors, and ensures that everything is in place for all of our expeditions. His professional expertise covers over 3 years in the Mongolian tourism industry. In his spare time, Zolboo enjoys volleyball, music and making new friends.

ERDENEBAT Dorjpurev / Driver / Mechanical Engineer

Erdenebat was born in Hongor Soum of Selenge province, Mongolia, and spent his childhood living with his parents amongst the livestock and wilderness in Northern Mongolia. Riding horses and herding sheep or cattle was an everyday occurrence for him, and the nomadic lifestyle of the wilderness became a routine that Erdenebat could not live without. Later on, he moved to Darkhan city where he completed his secondary education and went to school in Russia for 4 years to major in wood processing technology and quickly became an expert in his field. After Russia, Erdenebat’s sense of adventure led him to Japan to study and work in the auto engineering field for 6 years.  Coming back to Mongolia in 1992, he worked as a driver and ever since then he has taken countless travelers and people to their destination with precise and great professionalism. He really enjoys his job and freedom or sharing his experiences with travelers on the road. In the tourism industry of Mongolia, Erdenebat is an expert and we are so glad that he chose to continue his career with us at MonTrails Tours as the Lead Driver. His hobbies includes: driving throughout Mongolia, skiing and play ice-hockey with all his friends.

Meet the staff at MonTrails Tours

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