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BD's Mongolian BBQ

BD’s Mongolian Barbecue was founded in 12th of May 2005. This is the first American franchise restaurant in Mongolia. The restaurant is 28th chain of restaurant which is expending actively through United states and the first frachise restaurant in Mongolia. This chain restaurants were founded by Billy Downs and named with first letter of his sur and first names.

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Mongolian barbecue story...

Mongolian barbecue was originated many centuries ago. During the time of Mongolian great kings were in war, they gathered and had meal which included vegetables and meat. They chopped meat and vegetable put them together and cooked them on their shield. /They use their shields as pot/. Kings and their generals, warriors sat around bonfire and ate their delicious meal together. This is an origin of Mongolian barbecue.
  • 4 halls for 120 guests
  • 2 VIP rooms for 8 and 16 guests
  • Outside garden can accommodate for 60 guests
Summer: 11.30-23.00
Winter: 12.00-22.30

Address: Seoul Street, Sukhbaatar District.
Phone: (+976) 11-311191(+976) 11-311191
Fax: (+976) 11-311179(+976) 11-311179



BD's Mongolian BBQ

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