"I could never resist the call of the trail" - Buffalo Bill

Hustai Camp

This tourist camp is located in “Hustai National Park” which is 110 km to the west from Ulaanbaatar. This is a suitable place for the tourists who want to see the wild horses and wild life, and also feel the beauty of Mongolian land without going too far from Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Because, there are very unique landscape such as mountain steppe, steppe, sand dunes and river wetlands.

Moreover, There are the “Takhis”, the only wild horses of the world in the wild nature and 46 species of mammals including red and roe deer, wild boar, white-tailed gazelle, grey wolf, Eurasian lynx, red fox, steppe fox, Eurasian badger, manul cat and polecat. Also 161 species of birds such as demoiselle crane, cinereous vulture, black stork, great bustard and great spotted woodpecker.

For the facilities, this camp has 14 fully furnished gers including deluxe and simple rooms. The restaurant offers you Mongolian meals in western-style environment. The Chef will cook you tasty Mongolian traditional food according to your preferences.



Hustai Camp

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