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А special passenger – cargo van is designed for transportation of passengers and cargo both in the city and in the country. The interior is equipped with two folding seats. Performance, interior and exterior of the vehicle are similar to traditional ambulance car. At the same time there are no brackets, stretchers hanging belts and other ambulance features that allow avoiding problems with registering the vehicle in the state vehicle traffic police.  Also there is no air conditioning; instead you can open side windows and the top one.

UAZ-39625 van is a 4x4 all-purpose cargo-passenger vehicle that can accommodate 9 passengers or the equivalent amount of cargo. It is irreplaceable at work and comfortable in driving. The vehicle belongs to the passenger category.
This type of Russian Minivan is used widely in tourism sector of Mongolia because driver can manage to fix major problems, very good on off road, can carry a lot of weight and etc.