"I could never resist the call of the trail" - Buffalo Bill


Mongolia 2011
“Mongolia is big…Mongolia is beautiful. To get around, even in the city, it’s best to have the company of a guide. The language is very difficult if not impossible to understand.  No matter which direction you go, north to the Russian border, south to the China border or east or west, the country is breathtaking and the people friendly. In the city of Ulan Baatar getting around is easy enough but for a trip outside the city hire a man by the name of Erdene. Erdene spent time in the U.S. and speaks good English and knows the culture.  He has all the connections and very accommodating. My trip was mainly for Taimen (a very large fish) but I could have easily made it a good birding trip. The variety of birds in the Northeast area are staggering. My trip was in mid September and the color was changing, the rivers running slower and the weather unpredictable. We had tents and provisions for any type of stay”.
- Steve Gilb, USA

Mongolia 2011
" I was lucky enough to be on a two week trip with Erdene to Mongolia. Along with the beautiful and spectacular scenery and friendly reception from the locals, he proved to be an invaluable companion and organiser, always cheerful and positive whatever the situation. Many thanks to him for making a good trip into a great one. If anyone is thinking of taking a trip to Mongolia, you would be hard pressed to find a better guide to acompany you than Erdene!
- Nigel Denney from Flawil, Switzerland

Mongolia 2013
The 4 of us adventerous guys from Switzerland have visited this vast and beautiful country in early October 2012. We must really admit that we were lucky to be travelling with Erdene who proved to be an expert tour guide. He is a kind of person who knows an answer to any question you ask him about Mongolia or even about life in general – both east and west on our planet since he is one of the few Mongolians that really travelled and had lived in the western world too. From the beginning to the end we were astonished by wonderful scenery and wide open space almost everywhere. Erdene proved to not forget about even small details that prove to be important while professionally organizing a road trip for us sometimes ‚spoilt‘ and highly expecting western travellers. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit cultural or historical sites, ride horses or camels, meet with local people, enjoy real Mongolian food, spend money at the country markets – you name it – the guys who organizes everything with precision like a Swiss watch is Erdene ! Even several months after our very interesting trip with him we can say that this was a trip that is not just forgotten a few weeks after returning home – which happens, unfortunately, with many other travels we did elsewhere.
- Erich Krähenbühl/Switzerland

Mongolia, 2013
"Visiting the Gobi Desert with MonTrails was fantastic and truly memorable. We saw Mongolia's finest sites and captivating landscapes, while Erdene's superb English skills and expat years in the Bay Area (California) meant a professional, well organized experience. After an unfortunate tour with another outfitter, we felt SO take care of by Erdene and his gracious, warm staff! I urge tourists to visit Mongolia with MonTrails."
- Rachel R., San Francisco

Mongolia, October 2013
I visited Mongolia for 8 days last October. For such a few days, I experienced the contrasting weather of Mongolia. On the first 2 days, I was fascinated by the autumn color of the forest. But after 2nd night, I was so shocked that the whole yellow grassland was covered by the pure white snow. It is so amazing! Above all, I am so impressed by Erdene's hospitality. I will say he is more than a professional tour guide. He treats me just like his old friend or even his son. At least, during 8 days of travelling, I feel I am not away from home because Erdene just like Papa takes care of me. He serves me with his sincere heart. That's so true!
Definitely, I'll go to Mongolia again. Mongolia is too big! 8 days are not enough! I will go there again with Erdene.
Wilson - Hong Kong

Mongolia, September 2015
I had the opportunity to travel in Mongolia with several friends by Montrails Tour Company. I arrived in the middle of the night and there was Zolboo Mashbat waiting with a smile and lots of enthusiasm even though it was a time when he would normally be asleep. He escorted me to my hotel and waited to ensure I was checked in without any problems before leaving. The next morning, he arrived on time and conducted a terrific tour of Ulaanbaatar. Zolboo's English is excellent and he even knows American slang and colloquialisms. During the tour, he provided extensive information and histories of each place that we visited. He was personable and humorous and my friends and I enjoyed not just the information that he gave, but also his charm and personality. He was open about himself as a Mongolian and about his family and his upbringing.
Zolboo seemed to know what we needed before we did. At the end of the tour, we went back to our hotel and asked for an early breakfast since we had an early flight to Bayan-Ulgii the next day. Zolboo had already called the hotel and let them know what we needed. I was very impressed. On return to Ulanbaatar, I had one free day before going home, so I called Zolboo and asked if he was free for a tour of the Chinggis Khan monument. He again gave us a very interesting tour and waited patiently while we shopped. He even helped us with our shopping!
- Mary Glaser / California USA



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