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Horse–head fiddle Museum Jonon Khar

Jonon Khar - National Museum of Mongolian horse–head fiddle music to convey to the public dissemination of inherited pride and awareness, people to incidence for operations.
Our old piano museum, Mongolian domestic rare artifacts, in addition to collection of exhibits, such as musical instruments from around the world have discovered the process of creating realistic piano horse-head can be interested in coming.
Horse-head fiddle Jonon Khar at the Museum of VIP Theatre for tourist and international audiences to the Mongolian national miracle folk art of the theatrical performance.

Program: Horse-head fiddle, folk song, drawling singing, national dances, biyelegee, such as contortionists.
National pride plays commissioned for the performance of foreign and domestic tourists. Tourist regular season games.
Address: 4th subdistrict, Chingeltei district “Peace building” #4
Time table: All season every day entertainment 10:00am - 7:00pm
Ticket: Tourist - 10$ /Foreign tourist/ museum with entertainment 20$
Locals - 10,000₮
Student - 2,000₮
Child - 1,000₮
Mobile: 96272970, 99210957, 96272829

Horse–head fiddle Museum Jonon Khar

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