"I could never resist the call of the trail" - Buffalo Bill


Namaste offers you the best of Halal Indian food such as Tandoori Kebabs, Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh, Biryanis, Naan & array of vegetarian dishes prepared by team of 6 talented Indian chefs.

Namaste is roughly equivalent to "greetings" or "good day" in English, implicitly with the connotation "to be well". As opposed to shaking hands, kissing or embracing each other in other cultures, Namaste is a non-contact form of respectful greeting and can be used universally while meeting a person of different gender, age or social status.

Our Patrons have rewarded our services with the “Certificate of Excellence” by TripAdvisor and “Top ChoiceIndian Restaurant of Ulaanbaatar by Lonely Planet.

We invite you to treat your taste buds with our unforgettable Tasty & Healthy food.

In Flower Hotel, Bayanzurkh District
In Khatan Suix Impex Building, Bagaa Toiruu, Sukhbaatar District
Web: www.namaste.mn
Tel: +(976) 99270957




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