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Modern Nomads I

‘’Modern Nomads’’ is the primary restaurant of Nomadic chain of restaurant accommodates by Mongolian national traditional food which is cooked by advanced technology. Our restaurant introduces nomadic Mongolian culture, tradition and ancient classical cookery and its traditionary patterns for guests and visitors.
  • 3 servicing halls can accommodate for 90-100 guests
  • 2 VIP rooms for 6 guests
  • 2 VIP rooms for 8 guests
  • 2 VIP rooms for 10-14 guests
  • 1 VIP rooms for 25-30 guests
This is the only one snuggery to feel comfort, enjoyable with your family, friends, collective and business partner or outlanders to have lunch and dinner.
  • Мongolian national traditional food – several hot soup and meat-dish which make you relax
  • Nomads meal and dainty catered by advanced recipe
  • World wide cocktails
  • Perk /raw coffee beans/
  • Fresh natural tea
  • Pablum /meal for children/ etc we service you by wide variety menu
Summer: 11.00-24.00
Winter: 11.00-23.00

Address:in front of Metro Mall and Khuukhdiin Urlan Buteekh tuv, Baga toiruu, Sukhbaatar District
Phone number: 318744


Modern Nomads I

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