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2018 Events Calendar

1 JAN - First sunrise of the New Year
Worshiping to the first sunrise of the New Year in Eastern Mongolia. Bagakhangai District, Khangai Extension.

6 FEB - Ulaanbaatar Winter Festival
During this festival event visitors can see skating competition, bone games on ice, dog sledding, national folklore performance, winter biking, wide range of sale traditional games and etc. City National Park.

27-28 FEB - 
The Lunar New Year

This is most widely celebrated holidays of Mongols. Since 2008 this event held in tourist camp “Mongolian Secret History”. Tourists get the opportunity to celebrate the Lunar New Year with local families and experience the culture in reality. Tuv province.

4-5 MAR - Ice Festival in Hovsgol province
Hovsgol nuur is the largest fresh water lake in Mongolia. There are many activities and competitions held in Ice Festival such as skiing, skating, snow sumo, ice ankle bone shooting game, tug-of-war, snow soccer and taste of field tea etc.

5 MAR - Eagle Festival
Kazakh people used to hunt with eagles since long time ago. Mostly hunt fox, rabbit and wildcat with eagle. There are three steps of skillful competitions that hunt by eagle. Also held many different events such as grab the leather, catch the money bag, horse racing, camel racing and traditional games. Ulaanbaatar.

6-7 MAR - Camel Festival
This festival program includes camel racing, local children’s concert, camel polo, camel wool products exhibition, camel’s parade, camel dairy products, interesting and fun traditional games. Omnogovi province.

21 MAR - Nauryz celebration
This event has Kazakh traditional clothes’ parade, number of gers erected and traditional food such as “Nauryz koje” cooked. Also in the program included many different Kazakh traditional contests and games. Bayan-Ulgii province.

31 MAR - 02 Apr - ITM-2015 International Travel Mart
It is the biggest official International Tourism Fair for all stakeholders of tourism industry in Mongolia. This exhibition presents great opportunities for travel businesses to share their experiences and establish new contacts with International and domestic travel industry companies. Ulaanbaatar.

20 MAY - Mongolian Bird Fair
The fair brings people from different regions in order to develop and promote bird watching activities and bird conservation campaigns at national level. The fair activities include bird watching lectures and seminars, bird watching tours and trips, bird arts and bird photography, sells of optics, cameras, accessories, books and magazines, bird sounds and videos, BIRD RACE – National birding contest and identification contests. Uvs Lake, Uvs province.

7 JULY - Hunnu Music Festival
Chinggis Khan Statue Complex, Erdene Soum, Tuv province.

8 JULY - "Nomadic Fashion" Show
Chinggis Khan Statue Complex, Erdene Soum, Tuv province.

10 JULY - Deeltei Mongol
The festival is comprised the folk art concert, parade-show by people in the deel, circus performance, ankle-bone shooting contest and fair of Mongolian national clothes, Mongolian ger - national dwelling, handcrafts and carvings. Sukhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar.

10-13 JULY - Naadam Festival
Naadam Festival is a Mongolian National holiday and it is wonderful time to experience the culture and people of this amazing land. The festival has its roots in the nomad wedding assemblies and hunting extravaganzas of the Mongol Army. The opening ceremony features marches and music from soldiers, monks and athletes before the real fun begins. In the Naadam stadium, three sporting passions of Mongols, horse racing, wrestling and archery are played out over 2 days. Every province and every soum celebrate this festival. Actual celebration date is set a little bit different each other. Ulaanbaatar.

13 JULY - Deeltei Mongol
The festival is comprised the folk art concert, parade-show by people in the deel, circus performance, ankle-bone shooting contest and fair of Mongolian national clothes, Mongolian ger - national dwelling, handcrafts and carvings. Ulaanbaatar.

22 JULY - Mongolian Felt Art Festival
The main feature of this event is visitors and tourists can participate in making the products. The purpose of this event is to experience, cooperate and network with Mongolian felt artists. Khujirt Soum, Uvurhangai province.

23 JULY - Yak Festival
The “Yak Festival” attracts and expands every year and it has dramatic increase in number of tourists visited the event. Bat-Ulzii Soum, Uvurhangai province.

4-6 AUG - Oirat ethnic group Mongols Folk Music Naadam
Khirgene, Turgen Soum, Uvs province.

5-6 AUG - Mongolian Horse Show
The competition includes activities such astaming a horsecausingtobuck, catching a horse with a lasso. The winners will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals. Also there are other contests such as trotting match, beautiful horse and couples with horse harness will be held. Tumurbulag Soum, Hovsgol province.

5-6 AUG - Journey of 99 little warriors
Tsaidam camp, Khashaat Soum. Arkhangai province.

7 AUG - Orkhon Valley Horse Festival
Tsaidam camp, Khashaat soum. Arkhangai province.

21 AUG - GENCO Mongolia Bike Challenge – 2017
Since the International Cyclo Cross which is called “Mongolian Bike Challenge” was organized first time in 2010 it has been organized four times already. Chinggis Khan Horse Statue complex, Erdene Soum, Tuv province.

05 SEP - Mongolian Airag Festival
Ongi Monastery, Saikhan Ovoo soum, Dundgovi province.

9-10 SEP  - Mother's Love Meditation religious tour
Eej khairkhan uul, Govi-Altai province. Khamriin Khiid, Dornogovi province.

17 SEP - International Gobi Marathon
The most impressive part of the landscape where camels roaming over Golden sand dunes, sun rises from wide open desert steppe that holds many thrilling surprises. The ground is hard sand and quite good for running. During the whole way nomadic people and their traditional felt dwelling – Ger and herds could be seen and even they would enjoy the race with you. Have a great run of 26,2 miles / 42,1km through dramatic cliffs and valleys, rolling sand dunes, worldwide known famous Saxaul forest of the Gobi and feel the emptiness and endlessness of Mongolia in the cradle of dinosaurs. Moltsog Els to Bayanzag, Bulgan Soum, Omnogovi province.

30 SEP - 01 Oct - The Golden Eagle Festival
Probably the most famous event after the Naadam festival since 1999 it has the largest gathering of Kazakh Eagle Hunters. The event date is agreed by local authority. Bugat Soum, Bayan-Ulgii province.

19 NOV - Chinggis Khan Festival

Chinggis Khan Horse Statue complex. Erdene soum, Tov province.

2018 Events Calendar

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