"I could never resist the call of the trail" - Buffalo Bill
  • At Hustai NP

    At Hustai NP

  • Camel ride in Gobi

    Camel ride in Gobi

  • In Erdenezuu Monastery

    In Erdenezuu Monastery

  • Group in Gobi Mirage camp

    Group in Gobi Mirage Camp

  • Play ankle bone game

    Play ankle bone game

  • Otgontenger Mountain climbing

    Otgontenger Mountain climbing

  • Inside nomad family ger

    Inside nomad family ger

  • On top of Hongor sand dune

    On top of Hongor sand dune

  • Group in Gobi trip

    Group in Gobi trip

  • Philippino Guests

    Philippino Guests

  • Philippino guests

    Philippino guests

  • Philippino friends

    Philippino friends

  • Fishing