"I could never resist the call of the trail" - Buffalo Bill
  • Binder Ovoo

    Binder Ovoo

  • Herd of sheep

    Herd of sheep

  • Mongolian ger

    Mongolian ger

  • Ger camp

    Ger camp

  • Mongolian horses

    Mongolian horses

  • Mongolian camel

    Mongolian camel

  • Mongolian cowboy

    Mongolian cowboy

  • Beautiful view

    Beautiful view

  • Tsaatan tribe

    Tsaatan tribe

  • Mongolian yak

    Mongolian yak

  • Erdenezuu Monastery

    Erdenezuu Monastery

  • Erdenezuu Monastery Stupas

    Erdenezuu Monastery Stupas

  • Tortoise in Karakorum

    Tortoise in Karakorum

  • Company vehicle

    Company vehicle

  • Nomad family in Gobi

    Nomad family in Gobi

  • Inside a ger

    Inside a ger

  • Mare's milk container

    Mare's milk container

  • Sheep


  • Ger camp

    Ger camp

  • Horses